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Reaching higher, Faster!

In a fast-paced, ever-evolving world, Leaders are expected to deliver results, be role models, and drive change. Naturally there is too much to do, and not enough time to do everything. In order to succeed, and to minimize the risk of using Trial and Error, there is a need for leaders to be coached and motivated. One clear way to achieve all this – with confidence – is through coaching.

Is coaching absolutely necessary?

A great college education, coupled with a fair amount of work experience should be enough to guarantee that people will reach the top. Yet, as we all know, there are no such guarantees at all. Those who succeed are a very small minority.
Is it because some people are not cut out to be leaders?
Is luck the culprit? Does one need to have friends in high places?

Surely, myriad answers are possible. But, truth be told, every human being is endowed with the ability to reach the pinnacle of success, provided they are willing to spend enough time to discover what really works. On the other hand, they could work with a coach who could make the climb easier, and more comfortable. Most people will need coaching at some stage of their careers.

Power Coaching is another option that makes the process of reaching the top – quicker, better, and with practically no risk at all.


It is a strategic enhancement of an individuals strengths and capabilities – using inner exploration, combined with expanding consciousness. It is a time bound project with clear and holistic goals. and a host of direct benefits to the coachee. The three factors that differentiate Power Coaching from normal success coaching are Focus, Momentum and Intensity.

Coaching is an interactive, two way process, through which Leaders get the advantage of seeing the world through the sharp eyes of an experienced coach. The coach holds up the mirror of introspection and understanding. Through this mirror, the coachee understands how the world sees him/her. In addition they get a sounding board to bounce ideas off. There is no time for trial and error. Moreover, there is no margin for mistakes. A coach will mitigate the risks, and ask you questions that will help you rediscover yourself – your drives, ambitions, apprehensions, attributes and most importantly, your purpose and your dreams. In short, a coach will help you stay on your success path.

Is Power Coaching for everyone?

Does everyone want to reach higher, faster? Power Coaching is essential for people who want to make a Quantum Leap in their lives. A quantum leap is required whenever we find that we:

  • Have run into a rough patch
  • Have been progressing rather slowly
  • Find that we are making reasonable headway, but we can do better
  • Need to change careers or we need to switch to a higher gear

Can you afford to re-invent the wheel? Do you have time to waste, before you figure things out? Why stumble in a dark forest when you can zoom on the sunny highway of success?

Are you ready to bring out the best in you?

Even successful people tend to slip into an easy going life, and play way below our potential. We may even go through life playing at an average level. The question is WHY? All we need is the right approach and a dynamic thrust and we can be on our way towards higher goals and bigger dreams. How long will you take to take to realize your ambitions? The time to change is NOW!

Are there any other benefits of Power Coaching?

The benefits are immediate and immense. One of the first indications that the coaching works is when the people you have been dealing with for years, suddenly find that you are different. They will start noticing your improvements. They will realize that you are nicer, and easier to talk to. They will ask you where/how you have changed so much. You will also start to reap the benefits of this enhanced self confidence and your family and friends will notice an impressive change in you.

Will this help the people around me – team/family?


Once you progress, you will be able to see your people in new light. You positivity will encourage and enhance those around you. What you learn through the coaching will naturally how be a roadmap to guide and mentor your team/family members.

MENTORING is a skill that can be learned, imbibed and developed. Whether you want to be manager or a leader, you will want to develop others. Your people will benefit immensely from this enhancement. Isn’t it great to have better individual contributors; stronger teams and healthier companies?


Ian Faria is the Master Coach who is adept at guiding and motivating leaders to greatness. He has had over 35 years of experience – serving on numerous organizations, and committees, many of which he served as president, in just a couple of years of joining the committee. He has even led the Toastmasters Movement in India from 3 clubs to over 50 when he handed over the district to his successor.

He has run his own business as a builder for over 11 years and has been training people and running his own soft skills training company for over 16 years. His leadership capabilities, coupled with his business acumen and his communication skills make him a rare gem in the much sought after treasure chest of power coaches. He has successfully guided a few hundred people over the last 16 years, and is widely recognized as one of India’s most experienced and successful coaches and trainers.

Ian believes in growing other coaches, whom he trains, to propagate this amazing Evolution of Leadership. Are you ready to play the game at the NEXT LEVEL?

Call us for a discussion on how YOU CAN Enable, Empower and Enhance yourself… and others too.

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