A great way to transform society

Man is a social animal that needs to congregate, communicate, and collaborate in order to be what he was hard-coded to be. The excuse that some of us may hide behind is that we are the way we are because of our genetic coding. However, we now know from science about a new form of coding called Memetic Coding. The meme is considered more powerful than the gene, and is also referred to as the Idea Virus, since it spreads so fast.

Anna Hazare proved this theory when he motivated a nation to believe that Corruption could be combated through a dedicated, determined group even using the Mahatma’s philosophy of Non-violence. Today with three high profile Ministers in Jail, and a dozen corporate honchos keeping them company, the average Indian knows that corruption is no longer the unassailable demon, but it is another animal that can be transformed.

Speaking about animals and transformation, when it is possible for animals in the jungle to learn, and evolve, we should take courage from the fact, and see how we can transform ourselves. Here is a link that will show how the meme can work in a group of aggressive animals in the jungle who evolve socially into a group that can display higher social skills.

In Bangalore, we have a group of people who call themselves the Global Citizen Forum, are through a series of changes, moulding and shaping themselves into a sort of utopian society where positivity reigns, and people do their best to praise and applaud each other. The trust that is built up allows people who were practically paralyzed by the fear of Public Speaking to break age old shackles and become effective Public Speakers in the matter of three or four sessions. The change in confidence and the enthusiasm that is imbibed is something that has to be seen and experienced to be believed.

Is it possible to replicate this experiment? Yes, the Global Citizens Forum believes so, and this group is all set to break records as it multiplies itself through a small group of leaders who are determined to share this learning so that more can benefit. What will happen when this goes to the second level of growth There will be a geometric progression of hitherto unseen dimensions. That is the belief. That is the plan. It will take some doing, but the members of this forum do not have even an iota of a doubt that it can be achieved. If the miraculous changes witnessed through the transformation of its members is anything to go by, then this group will have no mountain too high to climb; no sea too wide to swim, no challenge too big to face. This is a group that is worth checking out. (They meet every Friday at 6.45 pm at the Catholic Club on Museum Road, Bangalore)


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