Are you a Big Fish in a Small Pond?

In a number of organizations I have worked with, I am amused with a few people who just ‘hang on’ to their positions in their organizations as though their lives depended on it. Interestingly, this even happens in government bodies. Some people are so used to being at the lead position, that they do everything in their power to get re-elected time and time again.

Why do these people want to HOLD ON to POWER?

Is it because that POWER gives them a sense of self?
Is the POSITION they enjoy the only thing that they have going for them?
Do they think that only they are CAPABLE to run the organization?

Does a person who has been a watchman for 25 years have experience of 25 years… or has he just got one years experience multiplied by 25 times? Even a lowly caterpillar knows that it has to move itself into the pupa phase… or else it would never have the joy of being a beautiful butterfly.

I feel a good leader is good for his followers.
A great leader should grow good leaders, and then vacate the seat… so that other leaders can take the organization even higher.

Isn’t it also true that unless we leave the mountain we are on… we can never climb a higher mountain?

Isn’t life about going higher… and higher… and higher…???

Every day brings with it new learning and new experience. Every day should therefore make us smarter and more experienced. Our best achievement of a year ago… could become a shackle that keeps us rooted to the past, if we do not strive for BIGGER, BETTER GOALS.

But the trick is to LEAVE the COMFORT ZONE…. drop the titles… and hand over to the next leader. Move out of the pond… look for a bigger pond, a lake… or better still ….take the BIG LEAP of FAITH… and find the OCEAN.

Being a small fish in a big ocean… is a risk, but it is way better than being a big fish in a small pond. Believe me… or even if you don’t … have faith in yourself… and test out what I am saying…

A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for. William Shedd.

We were probably warmest and safest… and most cared for… when we were kids in nappies… in the confines of the cradle.. but thankfully … we learnt to walk… and we gained bowel control… and we learned to become independent…

We are safe in our comfort zones,
but that’s not what brings the BEST out of us.

You know who you are… and what you can do… but now…

Get out of your pond… or else… you may never know…


Keep rocking… keep Growing…

Ian Faria.

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