Are you sure you can be a LEADER?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO…. to get to your NEXT LEVEL in 10 months???

One of the most enticing parts of a path breaking programme STEP-IN UP is that I am offering 10 Leadership Development and Hub Management Sessions FREE to the leaders as my CSR contribution to build better leaders.

All one needs to do, to be acknowledged as a Hub Leader, is for the prospective leader to invite 5 like-minded peers to join their SUCCESS HUB for 10 months. EASY??? Yes …. at least that is what people think. The reality is that people suddenly become very ‘busy’ and they have some ‘serious projects to work on….’

Already 3 pretty confident leaders have been awakened to the fact that they are NOT being accepted as well as they thought they would be. They were not able to convince/coax even 5 people to join their Hubs. What they probably feel at that point, is Rejection. Rejection is just a wake up call … but thankfully, it is not the end of the road. The spin-off benefit of this ‘rejection’ is that these 3 leaders are now working on how to become more acceptable and more effective. They have one month till the next programme date, to create a better draw for themselves.

My question to  you, as a LEADER …. CAN YOU BE SURE…. that you can get 5 people to agree to meet once a month for 10 months… (not to do charity…. nor even to meet socially)…. but just so that the group can COLLECTIVELY and COLLABORATIVELY work together to ensure EVERYONE in the HUB reaches a higher level in just 10 months?

Here is the poster the poster that we have created for this event, and it is solid on deliverable. Yet… if people are not ready to work together with people they know… what could be the reason for this?

Here are some possible answers:

1. People want to start their own Success Hubs.
But then… why can’t they just be straightforward and tell you that?

2. People may like you but they may not think you are good enough to be their leader.
Most people would rather give an excuse… than hurt someone with the truth.

3. People do not like working with you.

Whatever the reason… you should worry about the fact that you were not aware of your own shortcomings. This is hard to digest, but it is better that we know the truth… however bitter it is… so that we can take some corrective action.

Are you now ready to TEST your own LEADERSHIP DRAW?

Ok… here’s what you have to do:

1. Ask people to join your ‘hub’ and assure them that this is one of the best ways to enhance themselves in a planned and methodical manner.

2. Explain to them how a success hub is made up of one Hub Leader and 5 Hub Members who will work together to support, motivate and enhance each other.

3. Invite them to join your hub and assure them that you will be a great leader as you will be trained systematically in the process of Hub Management. (We will do this in subsequent blog posts)

If you get people to work with you, feel good that you are a good leader and people are willing to be a part of your success team. If they do not agree… then you seriously need to work on your persona… and your perceived value to the people in your circle of influence. We will also help you with ideas on how to build your positive positioning in the universe.

Meanwhile… do share your thoughts and ideas here so that we too can collaborate to build a better world.

More power to you!

Ian Faria.

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