Awareness – The Magic Mirror

In my last blog, I had discussed the simple, direct route to enhance partners through the CVS formula. Having reached synergy… we are surely at a better place to move ahead quicker. This is the Momentum phase…

So, moving to the second part of how we can enhance partners – using the MGM forumla….
In this blog I will cover the first M …

M – Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who is the fairest, of us all?
Those were the lines of a character in a nursery called Snow White… and that is the question she used to ask her Magic Mirror?

What if we too could possess our own magic mirrors? Hmmmm….. Lets see if that is possible…

We all know the value of a reflected image. A mirror shows us – how we appear to others. A good friend/partner can be a multidimensional ‘mirror’ – enabling us to see more of how other people see us. Symbolically, such a mirror could allow us to peep into our own beings. We  know how the nice people appear … and how the not so nice people appear. Logically, therefore, while we can be the mirror for our friends, we can surely use our friends as mirrors for us. However, there is another type of mirror which we have… that we can use on ourselves. It is called Awareness.

Awareness is a mirror, where we imagine, or figure out ….how we, in our present state, would appear to others.

If only we took the time to think more deeply about this. What can we deduce about our relationships? What can we see, that we have not focused on till now? For example, let us think about the people we are meeting today…. and lets figure out the answers to a few questions:

  • What is the nature of these people ?
  • What would make us look weak to them ?
  • What would turn them away ?
  • What would impress them ?
  • What are they expecting from us ?
  • How could we represent things to make it easy for them to understand us?

Remember …
We like people who Like us… and/or who are LIKE US.

Looking at it from the other side…. It is logical to assume that other people would think in a similar way. So for them to like us… we have to be like them… and/or… we have to LIKE THEM.

Just by looking at things from the other persons perspective, we can make our lives easier to live. We would connect better with people and ensure that they understand us more… and that we understand them better too. We could then make the necessary changes that will take us where we want to go through connecting and collaborating with others. Let us use the mirror as a tool to help ourselves and our relationships to grow.


Ian Faria.
P.S. As an add value to the readers here… there is a technologically advanced Mirror which allows you to browse while you are looking at the mirror… Check out the Magic Mirror called the Cybetecture Mirror.  Do check out this video too…

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