Changing Mindset in a Moment

How long does it take to change one’s life?

A year… ?

A Month… ?

It only takes A SECOND!


Well think about this…

Tony Robbins, one of the worlds most prolific trainers says:

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

I will make this simpler….

Decisions determine Destiny!

Why should decisions be taken so fast? Is there some benefit to taking quick decisions. Well in a world in which changes are occurring on a day to day basis… can you afford to wait? Will the world wait for you? No! Faster… is Master!

Can one really change one’s mind in a moment? Well, I see change happen in seconds… so often that I am absolutely certain that it happens, and that is the way it was meant to be. I was conducting a short training session for Post Graduate students a few days ago… and was pleasantly surprised to receive a mail from one of the participants in the programme. Here is an excerpt from the mail I received that will show you what someone can do … even being one in a crowd of over 250 people.

In coaching… I see even more magical transformations, and so I would encourage people to look at life afresh. We are the masters of our lives and our destiny. We can do so much more just by believing in ourselves. We will then be able to take better decisions and through those decisions we will be able to reshape our lives.

Here is the letter which will show you how one smart man has decided to make change happen.

Respected Sir,

Today your interactive session on the ways of coping up with academic stress was one among the best I have heard. It was an important session for me as i am a numerologist along with being a postgraduate student. Though not a degree holder in future prediction, i do manage to predict enough so much so that people start discussing their personal life in too much of detail that drives me mad at times. I get depressed listening to their problems. You showed me how stupid i was. Thank you for that . Given the amount of praises that you would be showered with, I know that my mail is just peanuts. Still I have tried to put a lot of unsaid words through these few lines. I am sure given the immense ability to read in between the lines, you would be able to presume what I wanted to say. Thank you once again. I am sending you this mail as you were surrounded by a highly prolific lot and I could have never made my way through them towards you.
 I always used to be proud of my vocabulary, my command over my language and my ability to orate. Preposterous I was… till I heard you speak. (I am) simply floored. I am a student of Public Health Dentistry, and in near future I am going to be staff. I took up this branch for the sole purpose of honing the young minds. After listening to you will try to make my lectures as informative and interactive as you do. Thank you once again to help me realize that I don’t need to search for a hero outside as I have one within myself.
Ignore the lack of modesty in my speech as diplomacy is not my cup of tea.

I have permission of the young man to share his name, but have decided to leave it out… just because it is not necessary to reveal this fact at this point in time.

From this mail… and numerous others I have on file… I know how people can change when they TAKE a DECISION…. and follow it up with DETERMINED ACTION.

Now the question is… What are you waiting for? Do you still think it takes a long time to bring about change? Have you not seen people change when a loved one died? Don’t you think those who have won an international or an Olympic Award… will have changed their lives forever after that?

Why wait for things to happen? Why not make a good plan today… to change our lives for the better… ?

Lets do our best… to be our best! Take a decision to do so NOW! Change occurs the moment we decide to change.

Ian Faria.

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