Control your Moods

Every time you lose your temper, you get scared, or you get excited, remember that you are experiencing a mood shift. When these mood shifts are intense, they’re called mood swings.

Man, as an emotional entity, is prone to mood shifts… and at times mood swings too.

In my last blog I covered the basics of Mood and How it affects us.

Now lets see how we can …
Be aware of when your mood starts to change. When you map your moods, you will realize that certain  triggers initiate a mood shift. A trigger is anything  that changes your state of mind. It could be in the form of something said… something done… an SMS, a news report, an accusation…. or anything else. But most importantly… a TRIGGER is a thought in your mind that sets off your change of mood. Some triggers set of bigger triggers, and this could then set of an emotional ‘explosion’. Communal violence is an example of an emotional explosion that goes viral.

What makes you upset…. or angry?  What gets you depressed? What makes you violent? What makes you want to do irrational things?

It is very important to map your negative triggers… because they are the ones that push us to do negative things. When the emotions are active the rational mind takes a back seat. Emotions are so powerful that they overrule logic. That is why even the law acknowledges crimes of passion and even temporary insanity.

Awareness will give you a good handle on how to stay on top of your moods. However, it does help if you make the process of being calm, a part of your daily routine. A change in your breathing pattern is the first indicator that your mood is changing. Observe other people when they are upset. Breathing that is shallow and rapid is a clear sign of agitation which will lead to anger if it is not controlled. Talking louder and through clenched teeth is a clear indicator of anger. Since you know how these signs you can predict when someone else is going to lose their temper, then you will find it easier to map this pattern in yourself. Consciously breathing slower lowers the anger levels. Taking a break and going outside for some fresh air also works like a charm.

This is an amazingly easy technique to learn and that can partner the previous point to BE CALM. When you are getting angry… move out of the situation; and/or shift your focus to something that is nice… or something that is funny. You will notice that your mood too starts to change quite rapidly. Interestingly as people get older they start to realize, even without consciously being aware of it, that they focus on the positive things in life and quickly forget the negative. Older people are therefore happier.

Have you ever noticed that you look for some specific things to eat/drink when you need to change your mood? I am not talking here about smoking or doing drugs to alleviate mood. I am speaking about the good practices. Some foods are good for uplifting mood. Chocolates, Blueberries, Mint and Sweets… show possess the ability  to enhance moods. Correspondingly meat and spices tend to make us more angry and aggressive. Eating less spice and less meat can work like a charm for people who are constantly angry.

What exercise does for the body, exercise does for the mind. Staying fit helps you cope with adversity. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind… and so mood and mind control too will be enhanced. Meditation also helps in calming the mind and bringing it back to focus. Exercise combined with Meditation and positive thoughts could be the panacea for all ills or at least it could be the proverbial ‘fountain of youth’ or the ‘sea of happiness’.

Keeping the surroundings clean and tidy helps to maintain the calm on the inside. However, it works the other way too. A calm mind also helps calm and settle the environment. A depressed person does think of keeping thing clean and hygienic.

Positive Visualization is a sure fire technique to bring down stress in a few seconds. If you find that your anger levels have gone up, close you eyes, breathe out completely and even try to force the air out of your abdomen region by crunching your stomach and leaning forward till you feel all the air is out of you. Imagine that you are breathing out the negativity. Then hold that for as long as you can… think of a calm and pleasant place… and then breathe in slowly… and fully. While the air is entering your lungs, imagine it bringing in peace and happiness… and power. Doing this just once or twice will get you will be a new person again.

Music can be used most creatively to make one feel peppy. Music that makes you want to dance is that sort of music that elevates mood. When you feel a little agitated play some Western Classical Music, or meditative Indian music. Choose the kind of music that can sooth you, and combine it with positive visualization, and magic will happen.

Here are some techniques that you can experiment with:
Squeeze a stress ball. Get someone to massage your head or feet… or back. Lie down for a few minutes. Call a friend. Listen to the sounds of nature. Light an incense stick. Use a lavender spray or dab a few drops on your handkerchief.. and take deep breaths through your handkerchief. Laugh a lot – watch a comedy channel, or read a jokebook…and just LAUGH!

All in all mood… is something that we can control. If someone else has your remote control, take it back. Your control was designed and meant for YOU! So… only you are authorized to operate it.

Happiness is our birthright. Claim it. Own it!

I wish you Energized Emotional Control and a Happy Life!

Ian Faria.

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