Creating a Group for Game Changers

One of the happiest things we can do, is to connect with other people who make us happy.
Now imagine that we could be a part of a group, where we felt totally at home, right from our first meeting. Imagine that the group was a place where we could trust every member, and we could grow – personally and professionally. What if that group was so nice, that we would be able to make personal friendships, and where the camaraderie drew us to meet the other members at least once a week? And, even if we really needed some help or support on a personal level, we would be comfortable to call up one of the members, and they would be happy to be able to be of some assistance. Such a group may sound too good to be true, but the mind desires, and the heart hopes that this could be possible.  
Now, I have for as long as I can remember, been part of groups, organizations and associations where I have thrived. But yet, I was always looking for a group that could help me grow, and where every member was my personal friend. My quest has led me to a number of different organizations – Round Table, Rotary, Toastmasters and many local groups too. But each of these groups had some of the things I wanted, but not everything. Let me explain: 
1. In Round Table, I was able to link up with people who were reasonably young, and this group was focused on doing social service using Fellowship as the foundation. It is a great group for people who are under 40 years of age, who want to meet twice a month. It is also a great place to meet nice people. 
2. Rotary is more serious in nature, and as an International Organization it has a really solid reputation for Service. Some of the best projects to help the less fortunate are carried out by Rotary. What I liked about the organization is its reach across the globe, and it even has a lot of opportunity to twin (connect and collaborate) with similar clubs across the world, and the matching grants programme is great… where the home club puts in an amount for charity or a project, and the twinning club matches or even gives a higher amount from their side. 
3. Toastmasters was for me an organization where I joined when there were only 3 clubs in India, but unfortunately the clubs were break away clubs, so there was no communication between the clubs. Naturally, it took a ton of effort to get the clubs together, and to build more clubs so that we could form the first District for Toastmasters in India. It was an uphill task, but since it was going to help people grow their public speaking capability, I thought it would be worth the sacrifice to get this across India. What I liked about Toastmasters was that it had great manuals and it too had an international appeal. I was proud to be honoured by Toastmasters International by receiving the award called the Presidential Citation from the International President, Dr. Dilip Abayasekara, in the year 2006. 
From the above organizations I learnt a lot, and from each I grew in some way. After playing lead roles in each of these… in some form or other, I thought it was time to take the learning  from each of these, and see if I could add the missing pieces of the puzzle to complete each of these. I also thought it would be great if I could add some of the learning I had picked up from over 15 years of training/coaching in Soft Skills across India. It would surely be possible to form a new, dynamic organization that would be able to be all that I had spoken about in the opening paragraph of this blog… and form an organization that would enable, empower, enhance people from all walks of life, to BE MORE and  DO MORE. 
Thus was born the GCF. We had originally named it the Global Citizen Forum as its basic tenet was to enhance its members to the extent that they could succeed anywhere on the planet. More recently, we have seen people improving rapidly, and getting tangible, obvious change in their lives. The members have noted these changes in awe, and have now started looking at the GCF as the Game Changers’ Forum. Here people develop themselves through in a peer to peer manner in the areas of Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication and Leadership. They indulge in Group Discussions, Enhancements are effected through open feedback such that a member can know and realize how the other members see them. The feedback is open, and appreciated, since the trust level is so high, and the will to enhance each other is so powerful that there is total acceptance of the opinions expressed. This group is so special and unique that members even feel they are in a utopian world. In a country where corruption, doubt and communal disharmony rears its ugly head every now and then, the GCF is an organization that is an oasis of Positive Energy and Enablement. 

We have already started 4 Forums in various parts of Bangalore – Museum Road, Jayanagar 5th Block, Indiranagar 16 E Main Road, Malleshwaram 7th Cross, Basavangudi, and launching on Monday, 12th December at Kamanahalli. This is an organization where learning is natural, and growth is part of the DNA… so if you are looking for a place to grow yourself, where you can be happy and positive, do get in touch with us. We are also starting two Corporate Forums soon. 

We do not expect you to believe this blog, but would it hurt to talk to some of the members are find out… or why not just drop in to one of our meetings and check it out for yourself. 
You could contact us by responding to this blog, mailing me or call me at +91 96200 20000. 
All the best, and lets connect… and build a better world. 

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