Faster is Master

M – Momentum.

This is In continuation of my series on Relationships. We’ve built SYNERGY in the First Part of this series. …Partner through Synergy

Now, on the MGM side… we have covered Mirror.. and Gap Filling… and now come to the end part… where we will focus on  speed… or MOMENTUM.

The old paradigm of Might is Right… was indicative that the bigger we are, the more we can succeed. With the arrival of machines, and our increased control over systems, processes and technology, we find that human strength is really nothing when we have the power of mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and computing to exploit. The new paradigm is therefore the fast eat the slow… or more powerfully…

He who’s Faster… can be Master. 

The first mover has a clear advantage, in a fast paced world. We have moved from Size as a determinant of power – to Speed being the winning attribute. It is almost like if the big and slow are dinosaurs doomed to extinction. In today’s world, we need to be nimble and fleet footed to succeed … so that we can run, or even dance when required. IBM, a behemoth in the Technology world had to Learn how to Dance, in order to survive. This story is amply narrated in Louis Gerstner’s book, Who says Elephants can’t Dance.  So if a giant like IBM could learn how to be light-footed, surely we too need to be lighter and quicker?

On a personal level… here’s how we could become quicker:

  • Take decisions based on thin slicing
  • Act when we are reasonably sure, and not wait till all the answers are in place
  • Take instant decisions on things that are not of great importance
  • Finish our responsibilities Before Time rather than Last Minute
  • Keep a TO DO LIST
  • Use technology (calendar, to do lists, reminders on your smart phone/comp)

Relationships can propel us forward

We are all adaptable and our learning capabilities should now be tuned to growing faster and if growing bigger happens as a consequence… then so be it. But the focus should not be on size… where we continue to add people to our networks. Instead, it should be on Speed where we focus on how we can synergize… and then lead that synergy on to the next level of growth…

By using a two part formula for success, each of us in a partnership/group can be more powerful than we could have been had we chosen to grow on our own. Learning by trial and error is a slow, archaic process, and we can no longer choose to be solo players and hope to win. In a networked, highly connected, interdependent world, we must work with and through each others’ key attributes. We should exploit mutual strengths just like a cricket or a football team would do. Each of us is expert in some area of development or the other, and we should continue to hone our key skills so that we become indispensable. Here are some ways to be quicker, and achieve more…

1. At the OFFICE.
Let the best person do the job. Sticking to job descriptions and archaic work flow patterns that don’t feel right is counterproductive. The person best suited for the job is best to get the job done. If that person is occupied with something that has higher priority, then someone else can do it. Sometimes, getting a job outsourced may seem more expensive, initially, but often, it gets the job done without any risk… and it frees up resources that can be used to work on their expertise.

Pick up one attribute from each  friend/partner… and in doing so, we expand our capabilities, and expand possibilities. Here the intention is not to replace the other, but to learn so that in a crunch situation, we can do the job… without waiting till we can find the best resource. In doing this, we also learn more, and we reduce dependability on others.

Go for activities that even one partner likes… and in doing so, the person who likes the activity becomes the master… and the other gains some competence in it. For example Aerobics… My wife loves it, and I do not… so when we go for a class together, she becomes more of the expert… and I get to become comfortable, and hopefully adept at it.

It is up to us to understand and utilize these powerful principles so that we can succeed… and help others succeed. This is only the tip of the iceberg… you have a ton of interesting options to choose from.

Life is evolving at a faster pace today… than at any other time in history. We have to move ahead quickly, if we want to capitalize on the amazing amount of information that is being poured on us at a blistering pace. We too should give ourselves the best chance to succeed, because the difference between the one who wins and the one who doesn’t is  sometimes separated by mere nano seconds.

I wish you greater MOMENTUM… and FASTER SUCCESS.

Ian Faria.

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