Leaders are Valuable

Expecting an increment or a promotion… and on top of that a bonus… is commonplace in the professional world.

However, the tragedy that the corporate world faces, is that the leaders are so busy fire-fighting and achieving stretch targets, that they do not have the time nor even the inclination to be better each day. The loss to the company and the leader is enormous. If in a year’s time all the leader has done is to continue with the work he did for the previous year, then how would the company be able to justify a raise in salary? In a fast paced world, it is standard practice to continually move ahead.

How can we can move ahead?

As a corporate coach, I focus on motivating leaders, to understand that they are responsible for their own growth and development. NO EXCUSES! Every day… we are 24 hours older… more experienced.. and as a consequence we should also be smarter. However, if we do things exactly how we did them in the past, then we would only get results similar to what we achieved in the past. We should focus on the simple KAIZEN technique… of improving… on a day-to-day basis. Once we do this, others want to emulate us. Soon… the world will become a much better place for everyone. Kaizen is not about improving things on a quantum level, but improving things continually…

BE AWARE… that whatever we do, we should do it to the best of our abilities.

I get a great kick out of improving myself, and the joy of doing something better than I did it the last time is worth its weight in gold.

Every leader has a responsibility to see that he/she improves continuously. Good teams follow their good leader. Soon, the team too will do better. This culture of improvement is already hard coded into our DNA. All we have to do is to transform this latent drive into action… and soon we will thrive on the habit of being better every single day.

Now the questions that ALL of us should be asking ourselves… is ….

Does improvement belong only to the corporate world?



The answer is obvious…

I think …We owe it to ourselves…

…To be the best that we can be.

Why settle for second best?

As the New Year rolls in… lets make up our minds… that we will make 2013 the best year of our lives.

Happy New Year, and …

All the very BEST!

Ian Faria.

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