Partner through Synergy

Man is not an island that stands alone in a desolate ocean. Man is a hub, connected to a network, and each person he is connected to becomes a node. Now note this – In a network that is intricately connected, each node impacts the network in some way or the other. The impact could be positive, neutral… or sometimes even negative.

As we discussed in an earlier blog on Consolidating Networks, the negative nodes should be disconnected, lest they bring down the network. Positive nodes should be retained. The retained nodes are an intrinsic part of us, and the stronger these are… the stronger we become. How then could we improve at least the main nodes in our network?  We can do so by making them – a partner in our progress.

Lets see how we can enhance our partners.

I have a simple, practical formula that works. Lets look at it in two parts:

Part 1 – CVS – Building Synergy

Part 2 – MGM – Driving Momentum

Part 1

C – Complete

A partner has tangible value in a relationship, when what he/she brings something to the relationship COMPLETES the other partner. For example in a man-woman relationship, the man normally brings FOCUS and DECISION MAKING skills as a man looks at things through a telephoto lens. A woman – sees the world through a wide-angle lens, and brings the BIG PICTURE into play. She also has the ability to multi task. A man is good at working from the head, whereas a woman is better at working from the heart.

In an office setting, one partner could bring technical capability whereas the other could offer finances and financial planning. Here each person brings a strength to the table that the other lacks and through this mutually beneficial arrangement, each one ‘completes’ the other. A coach and a coachee need the other to complete the process of coaching. No coach – no coachee… and vice versa.

V – Value Add.

The best relationships add value over an above what is brought in the completeness phase. Each partner can build respect and acceptance by delivering more than was expected. Going beyond the call of duty, an employee adds more value than was put down in the KRA’s and  the rewards are increments and promotions. Love gets stronger when each does/gives more than the other needs. Adding value is … doing more than is required… doing more than the other could ask for. This grows the person adding value… and it uplifts the person receiving the added value. It creates WOW! In a relationship. When we add value… our value increases too.

S – Synergy

This is the result of having done the C-V part well. It is something that the corporate world strives for. It is not a goal, It is a bonus given by the universe. It is an acknowledgement that things have gone well, and have reached a stage higher than was planned. It also creates a great big draw in the universe. Synergy is required to create a success story. Synergy is the starting point to create history.  Look around you.. it will be apparent that some people have done extremely well for themselves, and have created records that most people have not even dream of. These people through their will power and determination are able to attract the force multiplier called synergy from the universe. Synergy is when everything falls in place like the universe has underwritten the venture/project/goal.

Take the case of my daughter, Nicole Faria who has done India proud by winning the MissEarth Title in the year 2010. In a country of 1.21 billion people, she has done something that other young Indian pageant hopefuls have not done in 12 years. This is really the result of synergy. But it started with her creating her path… and doing it well. She had to add value to the modeling assignments that came her way. She did things that were applauded and wowed. She gave her all to every assignment she undertook. In turn, she too was appreciated and acknowledged for her efforts within a short span of six months of starting on her plan. But she did not stop there. She continued pushing herself beyond her limits, and she got better and bigger results. She was even blessed to come across the teachers that she required… who were drawn to her… and helped her. Like Paulo Coehlo says… “When you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

Synergy is – the universe adding power to your equation.

Have fun using these principles, to build your relationships in a simple, practical way. In my next blog.. we will uncover more principles that you can utilize to add zing to your partnerships.

Build Value… and Add Value…. and the universe will partner with you.

Ian Faria.

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