Run Light – Fly High!

If you have ever moved house, or done spring cleaning … you would have found many useless, redundant things that should have been discard ages ago. You might have wondered why you stored those things away in the first place? The answer may be easy… you paid a good amount for it… and since it was useful at one time… it could be useful in future as well. Well I am sure we can forgive ourselves for following that line of logic.

When YOU are old…
What memories would you like to remember?
However, think about this…

Would you have kept something that hurt you? For example… if there was an old chair that you tripped and fell over… would you retain it… because it caused you some pain?

Have you stored the nails/thorns that pricked you when you walked barefoot?

Would you retain pieces of broken glass that have cut you?

I am sure the answer would be a resounding… NO!!! Why would I do that?

Well then… can you explain ….

Why do we hold on to memories, that have HURT US???

Why do we remember and relive the memories of times – when we were rejected… or humiliated? Aren’t those useless episodes that cause us more pain? By remembering sad incidents… does our body not experience the same pain AGAIN…???? The tragedy is… the person who caused the original pain – is probably having a great time… in another city…. or another country. How are we serving ourselves by retaining the junk of previous years?

Lets look at how the mind works.

Every time we recall a past incident, we open that file again. But, sadly, when we move on from that file… the mind does an automatic SAVE AS… and not a SAVE. So we actually create a copy of the original… and now our sub-conscious mind has two negative files in it –

the original caused by the original culprit… and
a copy that WE HAVE CREATED!!!

Whenever we remember those hurtful incidents … we not only feel the negativity in our bodies… and feel the pain in our hearts… we also create another copy of the original.

Will creating numerous files help us avoid the same pain in future?

Scientists tell us… that all the painful learning experiences are naturally stored, to protect us for the future. In fact, ALL strong emotional experiences are stored automatically, in a portion of the brain called the amygdala. We therefore DO NOT need to consciously try to protect ourselves.

Now that we know that we are protected, HOW can we be happy?

Just as we sweep or vacuum the trash from our homes… lets routinely clean our minds as well. We owe it to ourselves to discard useless stuff… and travel light… so that we can FLY HIGH.

These are some of the ways to clean out the dirt and the hurt of yesterday.

Giving the other the Benefit of doubt
The power of Acceptance…

These are easy to do … and they are liberating and … so exhilarating.

Try it today… FORGIVE… and release the burden you are carrying. Surely for every time we have been hurt.. we can remember a hundred good things that happened?

Remembering good times… creates new, positive ‘save as’ files.

We do not really need to do anything to forget. Forgetting is the brain’s natural process…
What we focus on… and what we repeat, we remember.
When we forgive/accept… we tend to forget.
Memories will surely fade… and eventually disappear.


People can hurt us once… but by recounting painful memories we hurt ourselves, a hundred times…

There is no gain, in remembering pain…
Travel light, and the future will be bright!

I wish you more happiness… as you discard the negatives of the past… and you fly to a better tomorrow.

Ian Faria.

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