Stephen Covey – the Legend lives on

A Legend passes on.

Stephen Covey… is no more. Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he gave the world a template for Effectiveness. His book made him an icon in a changing world. His book showed the world a new and effective way of living.  His many books that followed all had a message and a plethora of ideas. The good news is… his work will continue to live on. His legacy for the world will long be appreciated.

Greatness does not die.
Thoughts continue to inspire.
Wisdom lives on for ages.

Stephen Covey has touched my life in many ways. I have read all his books… viewed a few of his CD’s and watched many of his clips on Youtube.

Here are some of his great books… with important lessons I picked up from each of them.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
I loved the principle of the PARADIGM SHIFT. It is a very powerful concept, that is worth understanding. It can change your life… and make you a better person.

Here is a video on the paradigm shift by Stephen Covey himself..

and here is another… that drives the power of the paradigm shift using metaphor to great effect.

How does one build the stature of a Stephen Covey?

I think it is by making tremendous contributions to our world. We need to create value that others can benefit from. Stephen Covey has done his bit. I am planning on doing mine… by sharing things I have learned from the masters… and Stephen Covey is surely one of the greats on my list.
  • What VALUE can you add to our world?
  • What do you have that people NEED?
  • What can you do so that others may GAIN something?
  • What can you CONTRIBUTE to the world?

If you can do something for someone else… in your family… in your neighbourhood… or in your community… DO IT NOW!

No one knows how much time we have left on this planet.

I am building a better legacy… thanks to the gurus who have shown me the way… !!!

What will you do… ???

Ian Faria.

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