The Foundation of Success

For over 20 years I have worked enabled and empowered people to succeed. It has been an amazing journey, and I have learnt a lot about the finer points of the game of success.

I have studied its rules; followed its tenets; and mapped many workable formulae.

However, amazingly, two factors stands out across the various formulae.

Success does not come to us from a wav of a magic wand. Success has to be created… one well planned move after the other. The good news is that the formula is easy… In fact…

Success is built on 2 foundational components –

Imagine there are two  people digging tunnels underground and and looking for diamonds.

The graphic here indicates what I am talking about. The digger on the top tunnel is focused. His body language indicates he is still enthusiastic, and can therefore go on… till he gets what he wants. He has commitment. 

The digger in the lower tunnel probably has more skill… but… he has given up just before he was supposed to reach the mineral he was looking for. It seems he gave up a little early because he was not committed.

As a trainer in field of Human Potential Development, I know people genuinely want to improve. They put in the effort and gain some results that they want. I know that energizing people to change is easy as I know how the mind works, and I have learned how to change it or move it.

However, on a practical level, lets discuss what I can do for you:

I can show you the options you have, and I can even help you to choose the best option. I can train you in the ability to traverse that path. I will even give you a motivational push to start you off n the right direction.

On its own, Value is like a Rolls Royce. In order to get the most of it, you should drive it often, and not keep it locked up in the garage. For ability to become really valuable, it should be developed further into a competency or skill.

As a Coach I can help you stay on the path and make good progress. I can over a few months ensure that you accelerate your progress and learn new short-cuts. However, please understand this…. ONLY YOU exploit your ability over the long term.

To maximize your new capability, here are some points to consider:

1. Use it or Lose it
People who try to play a game after a break of a few months, realize that they are not able to play the game with their previous level of competence and efficiency. Muscle memory would have faded. Stamina would be reduced. Reflexes would not be as sharp… and surely estimation levels or what we call judgement’ of where the lines or boundaries are… would have become fuzzy. So, all in all competence in the game would have been drastically depleted.

2. Repetition builds Habit
For anything to be really effective it should be done on an automatic level. When we play a game and have to think about options, we are slow and encumbered. This happens when we learn to play a new game. We are not quick enough to make the good scores. But when we play out of reflex, we are sharper and quicker. Practice…Practice…Practice is a key attribute in the armoury of success.

3. Benchmark
How can we know how good we really are, until we know what is the best standard available. The Olympics was born out of a need to know what is the best that there can be. A competitive spirit always stretches us, and takes us to levels we may not have reached without it. In manufacturing too… we have Six Sigma, American Standards, Indian Standards Institution etc., are all there for us to know what is an acceptable standard of acceptance.

4. Mastery
By continually beating ourselves, or those we are competing with, we create a niche for ourselves that will give us a greater level of return on our investment of time/practice. Being the best sets us apart in a crowded world. It also builds word of mouth advertising, which is a great benefit if we want to grow. What better way for us to evolve than through our customers who become our sales force?

5. Group Dynamic
A tremendous way to continually grow is to work with a group of people who want to get similar benefits. A cricket team that practices and plays together is good for each of the players in the team. There is a factor that is called Synergy that applies. It is a sort of collective intelligence. I have seen wonders worked with the many organizations that I have been associated with. Individuals can shine. A group can outshine. If you cannot form such a group, then join one. If you cannot do that… take the easy option of engaging with a coach or mentor.

6. Mentorship
Now I am gong to reveal a secret that is so simple to exploit, but so few of us do it because we are not sure that someone will overtake us. Here is the secret.

The best way to grow is to: Help others GROW.

People who support and coach others automatically grow themselves to a higher level. One of the reasons I love training so much is NOT because I want to teach… but because I primarily want to learn more. I know that each time I speak about something, I evolve myself in a small way. Each time I am asked a question, or I am challenged on a hypothesis, I get to dig a little deeper into my own memory bank to find the answer. This process is great for reinforcing my own learning, and it even helps to creatively expand my intelligence.

In closing, let me say that we need to:

Learn.. to grow.
Practice – to improve.
Master it – to be recognized.
Collaborate – to synergize.
Propagate – to Multiply

We are all called to be the best.

I wish you become the best that you were meant to be.

Feel free to comment on this blog, or ask questions. I would be happy to share some more with you in response to your sharing.


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