The Power in EveOlution

I have spent almost 30 years counselling people … and helping them discover some truths about themselves. Sometimes it is challenging to explain to a couple that though their relationship appears to be totally un-solvable, that relationship is merely two true (yet seemingly opposed) versions of the same reality.

And … through this… exhilarating roller coaster ride, I still wonder…
What if relationships can be enhanced through the simple understanding that…
men and women are different because they were … designed …
… to compliment each other?
What if the quality of life could be improved just by enhancing SELF BELIEF?
Could LIFE actually be a never ending HAPPY story?
  • The sceptic in me says…  Would man and woman even want to … understand each other?
  • The rationalist… or the pragmatist in me says… lets take the path of least resistance. Lets help the ladies understand their most important relationship – with THEMSELVES. Yes… instead of waiting to be recognized by society, or helped by their husbands, what if woman understood their own power?
Well … the romantic in me says… We CAN Do it !!!
We MUST Do it !!!
Would this upset the balance at home?
Would it cause dissent …or ..  confrontation… ?
On the contrary, from my 3 decades of experience in relationship issues, most families benefit when the lady of the house is more confident and self assured.
Children begin to respect and look up to their mother more… and this is GOOD.
The Husband grows more confident that his wife is not just capable at home, but she is also more effective in dealing with the world around her. He has less of a burden to shoulder, and so his coming home is no longer stressful… but it is a joy!
But the greatest benefit is that society too has a more empowered member and since on an average, half of our society is from Venus… it makes sense that they should be as capable and efficient as the part of society that is from Mars.
Most relationship issues are not born out of differences… but rather… out of NOT understanding that differences exist. Once a woman understands why and how she is different, she begins to complement and complete the man.
That was how it was meant to be.
Not exploiting the differences in man and woman is tantamount to doing a wheelie on your motor cycle… it may look good for a little while, but soon the rider will tire… and he will then despise the ride. But when riding with both wheels on the ground, even the longest safari becomes a smooth, comfortable… joyful journey.
Ian Faria.

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