The Power of the Present

To be really HAPPY… we need to understand the power of the Present. We need to master the ability to Juice the Moment through ..

better choices, and
determined actions.

The reality is within us. It is not in the surroundings. It is not in the circumstances.

We cannot choose what happens to us. But … the GOOD NEWS is that we can choose how we respond to what happens. When we operate from FEAR, we LOSE.

When we operate from BELIEF, and we THINK, DECIDE and DO… we start converting garbage into greatness.

The past is buried. The future is being conceived. The present is all that is real.

This moment has all the required ingredients for REAL HAPPINESS. Even if yesterday was filled with great times, we are only replaying the past and trying to re-juice something that has already dried up. That is really not going to take us anywhere.

Some of us choose to assign more value to the past. We want to review and analyze it. We believe it is such an intrinsic part of us that we refuse to let it go. This is akin to a 10th grade student staying in Grade 4 because he things the 4th grade is the ideal place for him. The only people who should reminisce are those who have nothing to look forward to in life… like very old people … or terminally ill patients.

Now the question is this… Are you at the last stage of life? Then you are permitted the luxury of LOOKING BACK… but for all others on the planet…

You are better off … ENJOYING the Moment… and
Preparing for a better FUTURE!

Here are some easy ways to enjoy the moment and plan for a better tomorrow:

1. Understand that this moment is VERY PRECIOUS. It allows you to DO something. DOING ignites achievement. Actions give results… therefore … this moment is what you have been planning for… it is invaluable. If you don’t juice it… you waste it. Haven’t we wasted enough moments to KNOW that we need to DO MORE???

2. Thinking about the past… is reliving history and going back to it. Can you imagine yourself going back to your start point… after having moved way ahead on your journey? Whether the past was good or bad… we’ll only be wasting NOW… if we do not utilize it to take action.

3. The future could still be of use… if we use the moment to PLAN for tomorrow. This would bring a future benefit. Creative Visualization is about creating the future in the now. We can do this by using our ability to plant tomorrow’s seeds, in the subconscious – TODAY. Using the now to get to the future is still worth something. All high achievers know that using the NOW creatively… is making tomorrow more real. But just thinking – without taking ACTION… is USELESS. To move ahead… we must physically convert our dreams to reality.


If we lose money… we can work harder… and regain it. If we lose a friend… we can always find another. But if we lose NOW… we can NEVER ever REGAIN IT. This is the moment to TAKE ACTION.

When we know HOW
we can make use of the NOW,
There’s no need for future Pain,
Just juice the Now, and GAIN …
Again.. and again …and again!

Ian Faria.

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