The Road to Success

One of the questions I love to ask in my transformational training programmes is one borrowed from an old idea:

When is the last time you did something for the first time?
I believe if we continue to do what we have always done… then we will not make much progress. Sadly, we choose to stick to the known, as it is comfortable to do so. But, the real gains are on the Road less Traveled (Robert Frost, Scott M Peck). Let me explain this.
I find that the people who make really quick jumps up the success ladder, are the ones who have the following attributes: Confidence. Risk-taking capabilities. They know that even if they do not succeed in the activity… they will at least learn some lesson/s.
The people described above, are people who do New Things very often. They are the ones who Know they CAN…. and they Dare to Do.
Remember, if you do not do new things… you will be left standing as the world walks/runs past you. The dinosaur did not know how to innovate and evolve fast enough, and hence it positioned itself out in a rapidly changing world.
In a world that is fraught with constant changes, corporate tsunamis and business storms… those who can adapt instantly will easily survive any challenge. These people are quick to reap first mover advantage in a field that is strewn with a million opportunities.
One needn’t change to survive, but one has to change to succeed.
Are you ready to change?
Ian Faria

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