Pep Talk Batch 50

An aura of positivity and warmth pervaded the room. An excited audience looked on, as the most versatile training programme in the country; the PEP TALK programme crossed another illustrious milestone in its journey. 50 batches of this unique programme have been completed under the tutelage of an incredible orator and master trainer, Ian Faria.
Hundreds of lives have been enhanced by Ian Faria since the inception of this programme. PEP TALK is a programme that takes every participant to his/her next level. Each individual who experiences this two-day workshop receives a unique learning that is essential for that person to take a step to a higher plane.

This fact was emphasized several times over as a special PEP TALK FORUM celebration was organised to commemorate the 50th batch of PEP TALK. The evening began with a warm welcome note by Shruthi, who introduced Mr Sam George, PEP TALK FORUM (PTF) leader. After a heartfelt speech by Sam, Cherisha, the facilitator for the evening, initiated the prepared speech session for the evening.

Several members of the PTF shared how their lives had transformed after being part of the PEP TALK. They spoke of how the PEP TALK turned out to be the tipping point of their lives and how they faced the world with ‘fresh eyes’ and a renewed sense of belief in themselves.
A common thread that ran through all the speeches was the overwhelming sense of positivity and knowledge of the fact that happiness is contagious!

Sunil King, the Quick Talk Master for the evening, facilitated the impromptu speaking session, a unique facet of the PEP TALK programme. He conducted the proceedings with aplomb, and kept the audience in splits, with his quick wit.

The impromptu speakers impressed the audience with their spontaneity and their heartfelt gratitude for Ian’s support and guidance.
Following the quick talk session, Ian took the stage and gave the audience, a view of his experiences as the lead trainer of the PEP TALK programme, his brain child. He spoke of his intention to move minds ahead as a way forward for the country, and his plans for the future.
At this juncture, Ian announced that he was about to begin another leg of his journey as a transformation leader. He wishes to dedicate more of his time to training and coaching leaders and key decision-makers of India. He has a clear vision of an empowered India and is steadily progressing towards achieving his goals.

In line with these new developments, Ian also announced his decision to hand over his signature programme to Kavitha Garla and Sourish Ghosh, two of Talk Temple’s most experienced trainers. Kavitha is an expert on networking, sales, and women’s empowerment, while Sourish is an experienced corporate story teller and communication trainer.

They will be carrying forward the legacy of the PEP TALK, while adding their unique flavour and perspectives to it.
Here’s wishing Ian, Kavitha and Sourish, the very best, with their new endeavours. Here’s to all the PEP TALKERS as well, who continue to change the world with their zeal, commitment and versatility.

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