PEP Talk Forum Meeting (12th Sept, 2015)

The PTF meeting organised on 12th September was an extraordinary experience! Centred around the theme of learning, it was an enriching event for all the enthusiastic participants. Initiated by the exuberant Sourish Ghosh, the meeting began with the forum leader, Sam George’s opening address. This was followed by the prepared speech segment. The participants proceeded to deliver thought-provoking speeches on how learning is imperative to life and growth.

The impromptu speaking session hosted by Quick Talk Master, Maaz Sait, followed the prepared speeches. Maaz captivated the audience with his quick wit and easy humour. The quick talk topics were wonderfully thought out and brought out the best of the speakers!

The Guest Speaker for the meeting was Dr. David Faria. With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Urban Infrastructure development, Dr. Faria has been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years. He splits his time between India and USA. He is also deeply engaged in social service activities, and is a talented musician who created albums whose proceeds have been donated to charity.

A gifted and inspiring orator, Dr David spoke of his life experiences and his resolve to live each moment that he is granted, with gusto and gratitude. His calm demeanour and thought-provoking philosophy left the audience with the desire to create better realities for themselves by living each moment in its entirety, instead of letting the past or the future tether them down.

The meeting ended with the principal enhancer, Ian Faria’s address.  Ian praised the well-orchestrated proceedings of the meeting and the heartfelt speeches delivered, while providing the gathering with several holistic ideas to take the forum and its members, to the next level.

The facilitator for the meeting was Kavitha Garla.  The picture of poise and grace, Kavitha introduced each speaker with a well-thought out introduction and ensured that the transitions between the various segments of the meeting, were smooth and seamless.

We look forward to creating more impactful experiences and greater learning as we take the PTF gatherings to greater heights.

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