We want our phones…  laptops and our cars to be updated/upgraded from time to time. That is required. But… have you ever your updated … your PERSONAL BRAND?

Your brand is how the world sees you… how they remember you… how they look to you for what they need. Are you keeping your Personal Brand updated?

Lets look at this practically. When was the last time you needed a service or product? Did you look for any old product or service? Or…. did you look for the best… or  the top of the line?

When someone is looking for you… first of all… Can they find you? When they manage to find you… would they not compare you to what is available in your niche/class? How do you fare on the comparison?

We need to keep adding tangible VALUE to ourselves. We need to UPGRADE the system. We need to CREATE a better USER INTERFACE…. and finally… we have to be the best VALUE for MONEY proposition around. If we are not able to see some of these attributes in ourselves… how can others see those attributes in us?


What makes YOU the BEST?

How do you STAY AHEAD of the REST?

Remember… the world around you is a mirror. It will give you enough indication of how good you are. All you have to do is to listen/observe how people treat you… and how they respond to you. How many people approach you for your expertise or skill? How often do you get requests for advice on what you think is your competence?

One of the best ways of finding out more about your brand is through the power of Asking Questions. Discover trough the people you trust… how you are coming across… and where you can improve.

If you evolve from time to time … you can do well. But, if you want to be the best… then you have to ensure that you know where the competition stands… and how far ahead you really are. Figuring out what to do to enhance your brand is the next step… and we can discuss this in my next blog.

I wish you the Success that your Personal Brand deserves….  and More!