PEP Talk Forum Meeting (10th Oct, 2015)

 The Pep Talk Forum meeting, held on Saturday 10th October, had a special theme. The theme was Personal Branding, a cutting edge concept that every individual must be aware of, in order to truly leave their mark on the world!
Deepak, our enthusiastic initiator of the session, shared his idea of personal branding with the audience and handed the meeting over to Sam George, Forum Leader, PTF.
Sam welcomed the members and guests to the meeting, and spoke of the importance of figuring out your value, effective communication of that value and the power of networking with respect to your value.
The facilitator of the meeting, the elegant and exuberant Shruthi, took over from Sam and introduced the prepared speech presenters, who proposed a host of ideas surrounding the concept of personal branding, including the importance of ‘being yourself’, what not to do while creating a personal brand, and the importance of marketing one’s image carefully, among other ideas!
The quick talk master, Dev, was a humorous delight, rising to the challenge with a smile. He had the audience in splits, as he called upon the PTF members to provide their take on various questions surrounding personal branding like ‘What is your USP?’  and ‘how do you create a personal brand, without a social media presence?’
The icing on the cake was the education session by Master trainer and Leadership Coach, Ian Faria.
Ian asserted the importance of understanding one’s self thoroughly and then externalising one’s value in a mindful manner. He spoke of the importance of FISO- Fit In and Stand Out, to help establish credibility and then harnessing one’s uniqueness to create a brand.
He also spoke of the importance of using your circle of influence to understand your brand and optimise your unique value proposition.
The session ended with an exercise on impressions, where the members and guests interacted and provided each other with feedback on their respective brands!

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