A few days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a young professional who is dynamic and dashing. I was curious to find out about his GOALS for 2016. I was shocked to hear that he does not believe in Goal Setting. On probing, I discovered that though the young man desired Success, he had lost faith in Goal Setting. He explained that he used to set goals every year… and he had done miserably on his goals for the previous two years. He achieved less than 50% of his planned goals. IMG_7168
I thought to myself… at least you know you achieved HALF (50%) of the goals set… so the flaw may be in how the goals were set… or in how they were worked on. Maybe this was not really about GOAL SETTING, but about ACTIONING and MONITORING the Goals?

Anyway… I thought this issue may be a common one and worth addressing from an achiever’s point of view.

Through many years of practical experience with Coaching and Training I have learned a few secrets:

a. We need to have some sort of target in mind… or else we are shooting blind. Just imagine this… If William Tell had to hit the apple on his son’s head with a blindfold on… then even a novice without any experience (and with eyes open) would be more likely to hit the target than William Tell himself.
b. What can be measured can be monitored. What can be monitored can be achieved.
c. What we really need is to create a plan with a timeline for achieving it.

So here are a few guidelines on GOAL SETTING that will boost your chances of SUCCESS:

Create goals that are exciting. If your goals are lack lustre, then you will not have enough motivation to work on them. Your goals should be so exciting that they get you quickly out of bed each morning.

If there is no clarity in what we want… how can we be motivated to focus on it? We should also know what benefit we can get from achieving each goal. This too will add to the motivation that we will need to stay on track. Motivation is a key driver of success.

Every stage of the track should be clearly defined. If the markers are not clear monitoring them will be a challenge. When we travel on the highway, we look to the Milestones to figure out how far we have traveled and how much more of the journey is left. This helps us determine whether we have to travel faster… or change our arrival time at the destination. For projects too… we need to set timelines and checkpoints to know how well we are faring. What gets measured… gets done.

The most important step is that you should make a firm COMMITMENT to achieving your goals. When you do this… you should be able to feel your success… and you would know how to overcome and surmount your obstacles. Goal setting is primarily about consistently following through on what you had committed to achieving. Don’t set goals based on what others are saying. Set goals based on what you DEFINITELY NEED or DESIRE. This will ensure that you are emotionally tied to what you want to achieve, and that will add to your motivation and your drive to achieve them.

The best way to achieve your goals is to make a public announcement of them. If you are giving up anger, for example, tell people about it. So the next time you are losing your temple surely someone will bring it to your notice… and you can then correct yourself and stay on your track.

Finally…. as each year passes… we should be happy to be more each year… than we were the previous year. Progress and Evolution is hard-coded into our DNA. Living life at a lower intensity – is living a life of compromise. Living life in the fast lane enables us to BE MORE and DO MORE.

I am committed to my goals… and I wish that each of you reading this article will now be focused more on YOUR GOALS. We are called to be the best that we can be.

Lets make this year… the best that has been… and lets know that we have immense potential within us…

to Go where we wanna go….

Do what we wanna do…and ….

BE who we wanna BE!!!

All the Best.

Ian Faria.

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