It really is a VUCA World


It is a VUCA World!

As we see the new U.S. President make shock waves in his very first week in office, we realize how quickly things can change. One man in office … can wield the power of the most enabled establishment – the U.S. Government… to create disruption and chaos for thousands… or even millions.

Welcome to our VUCA world.

For the uninitiated… VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

President Donald Trump will continue to create more meaning for the word VUCA… until the system starts to push back… and he learns what he can and cannot do… constitutionally and legally.

Lets go beyond the shores of the U.S. and see if this applies to business….

Yes… companies like Nokia and Yahoo have witnessed this firsthand. By not being sensitive to what the world required… they stuck to paradigms that had made them successful and powerful.. and they did not realize that the rules of the game… if not the game itself … had changed. Naturally they paid the price.

Lets look at health and cholesterol. For decades we have been told by the medical world that cholesterol is BAD for health… and particularly for the heart. Now new studies are not seeing the truth in this. In fact, some studies have found that cholesterol…  from animal sources … may actually be good for us.

Here is an excerpt from a Web MD article

One of America’s top cardiologists endorsed the move.

“It’s the right decision,” Dr. Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, told USA Today. For years, “we got the dietary guidelines wrong. They’ve been wrong for decades.”

From the above, we can see that even the scholars who do the research are discovering new ‘truths’ and publishing new findings. So we, consumers and health aficionados, have to keep varying our diet to follow new norms for health and nutrition.

Lets now look at EDUCATION and CAREERS…

Some of the best jobs in the market did not even exist 10 years ago. Considering the slow pace of changing of syllabus in most of our Universities, more and more people entering the corporate world are being educated for a career that has probably already become obsolete. That is what Uncertainty and Ambiguity is about. So Education really should be equipping us with skills that will serve us well even in a highly Volatile World.

Even more shocking will be the number of jobs that will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence and Robots. Software as a Service… or SAAS… and Platform as a Service… and Cloud Computing… are all yet to create disruption on a tangible scale… but that will be coming soon.

Robots are already in place to perform some of the most intricate operations and they do so with a better accuracy than some of the best Surgeons.

Fly by wire… is already in place on most modern aircraft… and .

Closer to Home…

We are getting more used to ordering a cab… Uber, Ola, Meeru…. and Self Driving cars… are the next big thing.

We order groceries from Big Basket, Grofers, Reliance… and even Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali.

For Food… there are a ton of aps… from the Zomato to Food Panda… to Fresh Menu… and there is the home delivery service from Swiggy if some food place does not do home deliveries. And if you have a tummy upset… you can always order some quick-fix med on one of the many Pharmacy apps.

We can order our Airline tickets and book hotels online… and there is no longer need for our trusted Travel Agent. Make my TripTravel Guru and Go Ibibo will do the job for us.

We can get maid services and house cleaning done through new services such as House Joy… and Urban Clap.

Even tutoring of kids can be arranged online…

The list goes on… but you get my drift? How we live our lives is radically different to how it was even 10 years ago… and if that is not something you are willing to agree with… then this should clinch it for you:

Did your life change when our Prime Minister shocked the country with his Demonetization on the 8th of November. In one radical move, all of us were put to the test. We had to figure out how to manage with just being able to draw Rs. 2000/- from our own accounts. Then we had these new notes… and there was not enough of the 100’s and 50’s to even transact that since no one had enough change to return to us. Enter PAYTM… and

Donald Trump in his first 10 days of office is causing enough Tsunami’s from the White House, and the push back in terms of court cases and the divisive nature of some of the moves he going to continue to make will unfold in the weeks ahead. Yes… dear friends… it is a VUCA World… and we all need to be ready to face it… and overcome it. We will need new ways of understanding CHANGE… and we will need new tools to work with the explosive changes on the horizon and beyond.

More about this in my next blog….

Till then… I wish you well as you build your hacks for a VUCA world.

All the best!


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