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What is LOVE? 0

What is LOVE?

Valentines day has just gone by, and as usual, it brought a flood of Happy Valentine’s greetings. Personally, each of us would have done something for the people we love. One of my friends...

Habits – Make or Break Us 3

Habits – Make or Break Us

Whitney Houston, one of the most loved and enormously talented female singers on the planet, died today, at the age of 48. The world is shocked. What was the cause of her death? Well, we...

Life is Uncertain – Make the Most of it 0

Life is Uncertain – Make the Most of it

Food is such an intrinsic part of our lives, and eating out is one of Bangalore’s favourite pastimes. We often eat at a super restaurant at Jayanagar (Bangalore, India) called ‘Athityam’. This is a fabulous restaurant,...

Communicate with POWER – Understand 0

Communicate with POWER – Understand

Most of us communicate to let others know what WE THINK… or … how WE FEEL. Similarly… they too speak to us, to let us know how THEY feel… or what they believe. In...

Explore New Horizons 0

Explore New Horizons

There was a time when people thought that the world was flat. It was believed that anyone who sailed too far out into the ocean, would fall off the edge and be lost forever....

Quantum Leap your Goals 0

Quantum Leap your Goals

Success will come to each of us as a matter of normal course… doing what is good and what is right. Yes, there is no doubt that people who are reading this blog, will...

Happy New Life 0

Happy New Life

As each year rolls in, we make new resolutions, and start working on these with gusto. However, by the end of January, most of our lives generally slip back to the ‘normal’ status, and...



The year 2012 is already looking challenging. Predictions have been made about the world coming to an end in 2010. Wikipedia even has a separate article dedicated to what it calls the 2012 Phenomenon....

Relationship Changes 0

Relationship Changes

Is there a secret to a life long relationship? Yes, there is… and it is called continuous change. We do not need to change, but sometimes we have to. We Have to change….when we…....

X Factor for Speakers 0

X Factor for Speakers

Hi Everyone, Here is an article I wrote on the finer points of communicating. Do read and feel free to let me know what you felt about it. All the best, Ian. (more…)