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Mind Coach on Radio Indigo 91.9 1

Mind Coach on Radio Indigo 91.9

Bangalore is inundated with a ton of negative messaging across media… Radio, T.V., Newspapers. Ian Faria and Radio Indigo are changing that. Listen in to his power message every morning at 7.10 am. You will gain from the positivity and you will increase your power.


Choose your Coach

This article will enable you to Choose your Coach Wisely. A coach can enable your greatness, and reduce your risk factors. Experience is an invaluable tool, and by engaging with a coach, you can gain from the coach’s experience as well. Here are 5 main points to consider when you choose your coach.


The Foundation of Success

For over 20 years I have worked enabled and empowered people to succeed. It has been an amazing journey, and I have learnt a lot about the finer points of the game of success....


The Power in EveOlution

I have spent almost 30 years counselling people … and helping them discover some truths about themselves. Sometimes it is challenging to explain to a couple that though their relationship appears to be totally...

Control your Moods 0

Control your Moods

Every time you lose your temper, you get scared, or you get excited, remember that you are experiencing a mood shift. When these mood shifts are intense, they’re called mood swings. Man, as an...