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Choose your Coach

This article will enable you to Choose your Coach Wisely. A coach can enable your greatness, and reduce your risk factors. Experience is an invaluable tool, and by engaging with a coach, you can gain from the coach’s experience as well. Here are 5 main points to consider when you choose your coach.

Gap Plugging increases Strength 0

Gap Plugging increases Strength

We are a sum total of our strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses are minor, and they  can be ignored. Some are not so minor, and so, ignoring these may adversely affect us. Lets call...

Explore New Horizons 0

Explore New Horizons

There was a time when people thought that the world was flat. It was believed that anyone who sailed too far out into the ocean, would fall off the edge and be lost forever....

Creating a Group for Game Changers 0

Creating a Group for Game Changers

One of the happiest things we can do, is to connect with other people who make us happy.   Now imagine that we could be a part of a group, where we felt totally...