Prep Talk


In the corporate world, people are succeeding and are promoted based on how they project themselves and how they can confidently express their ideas. Confidence and Self Esteem are the differentiators that separate the good from average, and the great from the good. Confidence is the first sign of a person’s capability. The next thing is how they present themselves, and create impact. This programme will adequately develop these attributes.


People who are in roles where people skills are essential. Ideal for people who are in sales, customer service, management and leadership. This is the foundation programme from which more specific Communication Skills programmes can be structured on a specific request from the company.

Talk Temple has conducted many soft skills training programmes over the past 18 years. Having trained thousands of individuals and scores of companies in essential success skills, we have decided to focus on the two primary skills Self Belief and Self Confidence, which create the foundation for success. PREP TALK is a workshop where participants will not only learn these attributes, but they will also imbibe them and show that communication skills are more than just a platform for creating an impression. These skills also help to create better relationships with the internal and the external customer.


  •  Higher Self Confidence and Belief
  • Better Communication Skills
      • Public Speaking
      • Group Discussions
      • One on one speaking
      • Basics of Presentation Skills
  • More meaningful connect and openness with all stake holders 


Day 1 – Focus on building confidence and the basics of Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication and how to give ‘feedback’.

  •  Knowing one’s strengths and how these can be converted into one’s USP
  • Creating Work-Life Balance
  • Stress Management and the most powerful Stress Busters
  • Basics of Effective Speaking Skills –

o      Formatting of a message

o      Body Language and Facial Expressions

o      Voice Modulation

  • Public Speaking and overcoming the fear of Speaking to a group
  • Giving Feedback in a positive manner

Day 2 – Finer points of communication skills

  •  Group discussions
  • Customer Focused Communication
  • ‘Reading ‘People
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Power of Pausing
  • Reading your audience