PEP Talk Forum


The Pep Talk Forum is an ongoing platform to ensure Communication Mastery. It has 5 clear and distinct :

  1. To ensure that participants of the Pep Talk programme can continuously improve their capabilities as impactful communicators.
  2. To provide a positive, conducive environment for members to improve, evolve and become role models and thought leaders.
  3. To improve members’ Intrinsic Value and thereby to ensure they can easily succeed.
  4. To foster camaraderie and a sense of a common mission – to do our best to improve and inspire other leaders to reach beyond their apparent potential.
  5. To make India the best.


  1. Meetings will be conducted once a month for about 90 minutes on a fixed day. (to be announced shotrly)
  2. Every meeting will have two clearly defined portions:
    1. Focus on improving Public Speaking and interpersonal communication
    2. Improve one’s Persona and Leadership capability.
  3. External Expert. Once every two months a business or community leader will be requested to speak to the group for 15 minutes and after that, there will be a 15 minute Q & A session. Speakers could be high ranking Public Officials (Commissioners, Chairpersons – Police, Income Tax etc.) Heads of companies, Political Leaders, Authors, Sports Stars, Celebrities etc.  The idea here is to ensure that members are able to meet and mingle with the intelligentsia and expand social connect and consciousness.

Benefits to Members

  1. Being part of a group of people who want to push for greatness
  2. Improvement on a month to month basis
  3. Opportunity to develop and grow in a totally trust worthy and laudable social setting that could become a success formula that could be propagated on a City wide scale at some stage.
  4. Mastery of the One Minute Speech – a phenomenon that will surely capture the imagination and become a standard for communication worldwide. Contests will promote competition and enable continuous honing of cutting edge communication skills
  5. Possibility of being part of the Orators’ List. This is a group of orators who have been acknowledged by the Oratory Council of Talk Temple. These Orators will be capable of delivering speeches – gratis (for social service organizations) and professional for other corporate and corporations.


Membership will be open only to participants who have completed their two day PEP TALK Level 1. Remember, membership is a privilege and not a right. If the Leadership Council decides to reject any member for any reason whatsoever, that member cannot apply for another whole year.

The PT Council may also, in its discretion, admit people of stature who may be accepted based on their status in the corporate world or any equivalent status. Members so invited would be accepted because they would be an asset to the PTF.


Rs. 3000/- for a six month period. Fees would be renewed half yearly, and special rates would be given to members who opt for the annual membership or family membership of two or more people. Rs. 5000/- for Annual membership for individuals or prorated rate of Rs. 2500/- for each additional family member (six month).

Management and Leadership

The Forum would be led by a committee that would be elected for s six month term. The committee would consist of:

  • A Forum Leader
  • An Assistant Forum Leader
  • A Learning Enhancer
  • A Membership Developer
  • A Recorder

Rules as stated above can give the Council the tools they require to run and manage the Forum.