PRO TALK Creating IMPACT for Managers, Leaders


• Enhanced Leadership Style
• Better Team Bonding
•  Better Relationships – Personal and Professional
• Become the Go-to person for important issues
• Be a Role Model for the team
• Create a Memorable Social Persona
• Enhance your Authority and Respect
• Get Better Results for Self/Team/Company

The corporate world expects a great deal from its managers and leaders. This expectation creates a lot of stress for the manager/leader. Pressure is also created because of misunderstandings between stakeholders. One of the key reasons for the break in communication is that people think they are communicate with people who are like them. This is a big myth. People are intrinsically different… and so they communicate in their own unique way. Understanding what people are saying and how they receive our communication is an essential part of the communication and collaboration process.

While there are myriad reasons why things fail, the truth is that most problems can be sorted out if people learn the simple sacrosanct rules of how to COMMUNICATE CLEARLY and EFFECTIVELY. This skill is particularly necessary for the INFLUENCERS – people in management and leadership positions. These people need to pass on crucial information down line – from time to time. An organizations success also depends on how it gets critical information from the team to the Leaders. Not having this crucial information is like trying to drive a car on a dark night in the wilderness without lights on, and without a map or a GPS. It is fraught with danger, and is more likely to fail.

This programme is primarily targeted at managers and leaders who wish to communicate effectively and influence stakeholders – both internal and external. At the end of the training, participants will be more comfortable and competent to talk to team members and customers. They would have imbibed a greater sense of self-assuredness and increased inner confidence would result in better team work and higher achievements for the company.

PROTALK PROGRAMME – 7 hrs x 2 Days

This programme is conducted across two consecutive Saturdays. The session is interactive and practical, and video feedback would heighten the effect for each of the participants. The uniqueness of the programme is that it works through the multiple intelligences within the group. It is a working format of what is required to be done by leaders as they strive to harness the power of the people in their teams. It therefore amply demonstrates how shared learning and collaboration are a heady mix in the formulation of a synergized plan for success. The lived experience of the programme will stay with participants and through the 30 day challenge, and the powerful PROTALK FORUM initiative will ensure that the learning and the evolution of Leadership Skills is retained and enhanced on a month-to-month basis. Weekly interactions through the web/app will also add tremendous value for the participants. In short this is a programme that is designed to shape the destinies of the Leaders and enhance the fortunes of companies they work for.


Sessions 1& 2
• Power of Positivity and Perspective
• How to create a good impression where it matters
• Delivering an impressive message – Intent, Context, Content, Delivery
• Asking Better Questions and Listening to Understand

Sessions 3 & 4
• Meetings that Matter – Conducting and Participating in them
• Enhancing others
• Probing and Reading between and beyond the Lines
• Crucial Conversations, Key Questions, Listening Intently
• Build understanding and Resolve issues


Sessions 1 & 2
• Passion and Prowess in Public Speaking
• Speaking without Preparation
• Motivating others
• Qualities of a Leader and Essential Attributes

Sessions 3 & 4
• Working as a Team and Leveraging Leadership Attributes
• Handling Critical Feedback
• Ways of Improving your Brand Image
• Creating an Action Plan for enhancing Corporate Presence
• The Road Ahead and Planning to Lead from the Front

What NEXT?

The Pro Talk Forum – an ongoing platform to continuously develop and enhance Leadership Skills for those who have completed Pro Talk. Meetings will be held once a month, and will keep adding value to each of the members.

LeaderSpeak (The Ultimate Leadership Communication Programme for CXO’s – which covers dealing with the press, General Body Meetings and Managing Board Meetings). This programme progresses naturally from the Pro Talk… and is the highest level of Training Programme in Communication Skills in the country.


Dates / Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Day 1 – Saturday, February 20th, 2016
Day 2 – Saturday, February 27th , 2016

Royal Orchid Central,

47/1, Manipal Centre, Dickenson Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560042, India

The programme is interactive, practical and dynamic. It is conducted in a workshop format. Learn by doing is the operating philosophy of Talk Temple. We encourage participants to take risks and to push themselves beyond their limits. There will be a dramatic difference in the way the participants communicate even after the first day. We capture the participants before … during and after the programme. The video will showcase the change for each participant.

This programme will be conducted by India’s leading Corporate Leadership and Communication Trainer – IAN FARIA. He has had a plethora of experience training and coaching Leaders across India… in varied industries. His cutting edge ability to read people without even talking to them has created a magical aura and has helped the programmes take on a practical, tangible outcome.
If you need the benefits from this programme… either for yourself or for others… then call us… and reserve your seat/s because this is a limited seat programme, and bookings are done on a first come first serve basis.

FEEDBACK from the last batch

1. Anurag Mathur

(Sr. Systems Engineer – Intuit, India)

The 2 days Pro-Talk session with Ian has helped me grow in more than a few ways. I have completely overcome from the fear of throwing myself into unknown zones. I have got a realization that failures are the best way to learn and move forward in all aspects of life, whether it be personal, professional or social. I am also more comfortable and confident in expressing myself.
I have realized the importance of my own strengths and I now know how to channelize them and use them in the right way. I would like to thank Ian for the wonderful sessions and … I am now leading myself the right way. I would recommend this session to all. No exceptions.

2. Krishna A.B.

(Senior Technology Manager – Tesco)

PRO Talk is an excellent program from Ian Faria which helped me in many ways…Within the organization it helped me always look at ways to make difference.

A person will not become a leader by position but he should have simple qualities like know himself and his strengths, grow them and showcase them, next know his team and their strength and showcase them appropriately and stand with them. This program that is making each of the trainees participate and get constant feedback to help him/her improve… an amazing thing. I fully appreciate this program and the credit goes to Ian’s PRO Talk

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IAN FARIA motivates 2000 people

Ian Faria motivates people at the YOUTH EDGE 2016 session