Corporate Profile

Talk Temple

We launched our corporate training company Academy PEP, over 18 years ago. Over the years we have built a stellar reputation for customized programmes that deliver amazing results. Three years ago, we decided to focus on the three niche areas through which we were creating WOW! – Attitude Enhancement, Communication and Leadership.

We then created a new series of programmes to address different needs in these three areas, across different levels in an organization. These programmes are creating tremendous impact as off-the-shelf programmes. Yet, we pride ourselves on our USP – to create and fine tune programmes to suit specific customer needs.


We have trained a wide range of companies – IT and ITeS, Educational Institutions, Clinical Research, Manufacturing and Retail and Pharma. Our programmes are interactive, dynamic and result oriented. Repeat business from our clients over the years has built our reputation for delivering consistent results. This also motivates us to evolve further and achieve more. At Talk Temple we believe that Impactful Communication, Innovative Training and Customer Centric Programmes have served us well, and have become our Mantra for SUCCESS.

Our Transformation Programmes – Talk Focused

Success is assured when you Think Positive and Speak with Impact. Our programmes focus on giving each participant the key changes they need to make to get the results they need.

Our signature programme is PEP TALK – a high end communication skills programme that covers all the key facets of communication. We first build your confidence, then we used advanced assessment to identify and plug your gaps. We then show you how to make the changes you require to create better impact. You will therefore get results immediately.

This unique programme has been designed and created by Ian Faria. We are proud to state that we have completed 4 years of training and are enhancing people. PEP TALK is India’s only Certificate Programme in Communication Skills. The feedback from our participants will prove that COMMUNICATION SKILLS can be imbibed in two days, and we GUARANTEE the results which will become your Game Changer. We have the option of a third day which is serious, and intense. This day is only available to those participants who are cleared by the Coordinator. We call this third day the PEP TALK BOOT CAMP. It ends with the EXAM… where participants are certified if they score 50+ marks. A 70+ score is required for participants wishing to take up Level 2 of the PEP TALK programme.

Our programmes work from within. They are experiential and are delivered as interactive, dynamic workshops. Batch sizes are limited to a maximum of 18, to enable you to get the personal attention and the feedback you require to take you to the next level. Call us to discover the power within you.

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