Pep Talk has helped me immensely. My visibility across our huge department has increased to an extent where our Global Head referenced me in his blog (internal) expressing the confidence in our Bangalore centre operations.  Also I am more confident now to present to larger groups during our Quarterly Town Hall meetings.

To achieve this, I had started putting into practise some of the important lessons I learnt from our PTF session-

1) Never dilute your brand: People started seeing the positive side of me and the simple formula was to communicate in a way that others perceived me as someone who can do it.

2) Practise, practise, practise: no shortcuts to delivering a good speech. I practise and am well prepared before a presentation. Earlier I used to have the mentality of – “Ah! I’ll take care of it” (without preparation) but it never worked.

3) Power of choice: Universe gives us power of choice. Given a situation there are different ways you can take it but the end result depends on how and what direction you choose.

Bipin Kalathil, Service Quality Lead – Thomson Reuters

We received a training from Ian @ Alstom Vadodara and I appreciate his great help in developing my sense of listening/receiving communications. As during training itself I started catching things up practical.

I have been more conscious for the gesture reading of people talking to me, and by this time (its been 1.5 months) I have created lots and lots of positivity in my life.

I have better understanding of what exactly is wanted out of me. I can REALLY help them and make them HAPPY, which is a part of my life ambitions.

Thanks again, I will keep in touch….and keep looking for more training from you.

It’s a great pleasure recommending you, Ian 🙂
Parikh Pranav, Deputy Manager – Design at Alstom India Ltd

It gives me an immense pleasure to strongly recommend IAN FARIA as a best teacher & coach for conducting training programs in Leadership , Business Communications, Public Speaking .

There is over 30 + years of collective training experience of Ian’s from varied backgrounds/industries really helps me in transforming from team member to effective persona through his 2 days workshop on Business Communication.

Ian, he is a man who rushed onto the stage with lot of energy & enthusiam and turned on the gears to drift climate around, the first day I met him.

To me, Ian brings in a lot of positive energy to people with the motivation of advancing one self to get to greater heights than they would have imagined by power within themselves.

His thought process is backed up by a lot of research that he has done on how one can transform brain to elevate the potential one has.

He is one of the best person, I have come across in my life and the values he brings is incredible.Great Speaker, great mentor, great motivator and a great personality.

Thank you Ian for all the knowledge you shared with me, I look forward for your continues partnership and learning.
Yogesh Patel, Staff Systems Engineer at Intuit

I have had the opportunity of attending his training session. The self belief that he manages to impart in you by means of his principle of affirmative thinking is remarkable to say the least. He makes you realize that anything is achievable provided you step up & take the right focused approach that is necessary. A great motivational speaker from whom you can learn & imbibe so much.
Thushar Nayar, Assistant Project Manager at Alstom Grid

Man with Great Stage Presence, Connects well with people. Excellent trainer, inspires the person to learn. Ian can bring Positive energy in almost anyone coming across him even for first time.
Pranav joshi, Manager projects at ALSTOM GRID

Ian Faria is a rock star in his own domain. He brings so much positivism with his presence, his words, his thoughts & his actions that people around are bound to get influenced. I had attended a two days workshop of Ian’s and it was a privilege to hear and learn from such a good mentor & motivator. Few thoughts and ideas shared by him were fascinating and surely implanted in the minds of entire group. I wish Ian best of health and good luck with his future adventures.
Sourav Ghose, Senior Manager – Tendering at Alstom T&D India Limited

He is also a very good assessor of behavioural pattern and attributes and his one on one sessions certainly help a lot in understanding and bringing alignment between individual thought process with the organizational objectives.
– Kankana Barua, Vice president & Global Head HR, Jubilant Biosys

Ian was able to bring out a lot of hidden potential from within me, which was a big factor for the success I have continually seen in my career.
– Nikhil Kothari, Director, Intertec Softwares (P) Ltd.

Ian has Midas touch to transform people and instill confidence, Talking to him even for less than one minute is energizing. Ian has brilliant Knack of bringing the best in people and instills a greater vision. Interaction with him has shaped my thoughts, my attitude and my career.
– Vedashree Nagabhushan, Delivery Manager, Wipro Technologies

Ian’s energy, his aura & charisma bring out the best, in not only the people who he mentors but every one around him. I highly recommend everyone to attend the Power Talk programme and associate with Ian in some or the other way to expand your horizon not only in the field of leadership and interpersonal skills but to have an all round growth and new approach to life.
– Reethaa G N, Head-Legal, Space Matrix

His role as a trainer and a mentor has been invaluable to me. He definitely is a role model I aspire to emulate.
– Raja Sampathi, Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

Ian is the personification of the drive, energy and ambition. Training is in his blood and he is probably one of the finest trainers for all management levels I have come across till now. His positivism, charm and his fun spirit make it a pleasure to be around him.
– Arnab Goswami, Manager, Human Resources, Tata Communications Transformation Services Ltd

Ian is one of the high +ve voltage people I have come across. He has a lot of wisdom to share. He has helped me to stretch my limits. He is an amazing motivator and very knowledgeable.
– Srikanthan Kumarasamy, Group Manager, Microsoft

Ian is one of the few people I’ve ever known who actually manufactures positive energy as a habit, and transmits it to anyone within a distance of 100 feet… Ian is a communicator and orator par excellence, a gentle and kindly heart… the right man to coach, council and, , build people.
– Jayaram Krishnan, CEO, Kestone Integrated Marketing Services Pvt Ltd

Ian has a dynamic personality and is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. A good leader walks the talk and talks the walk…. he is always a role model. The effort and energy that he put in to consolidate and bring together the Toastmasters Clubs of India and Sri Lanka to form a District is indeed laudable.
– Deepak Menon, Governor Dist 82 (2009-10) Toastmasters International

Ian is a great trainer, motivator and also a great human being. He is a champion public speaker and can enthral the audience with his oratroy skills. He instils great energy in people around him and I call that effect as ‘IAGRA’.
– Pramoda Vyasarao, Sr. Manager, Oracle

Ian was awarded the highly esteemed Presidential Citation in gratitude for his dedicated service to Toastmasters International in general and to the growth of Toastmasters in India and Sri Lanka in particular… I commend Ian Faria for using his superlative skills as a speaker, trainer, organizer and leader to benefit thousands of people, worldwide.
– Dilip Abayasekara, International President, Toastmasters International 2006

Ian is a Great Speaker, Great Evaluator and the Mentor. He will really help you overcome the fear of public speaking and helps you to build up your career.
– Meera. M V, Administrator, Sun Microsystems